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Album by Yuria.
  1. Never say good bye PC Game Tick! Tack! Ending
  2. LAST SUMMER PC Game ナシメグ Song
  3. Look at me TV Anime School Days Ending
  4. Fateful Encounters TV Anime SHUFFLE! MEMORIES Opening
  5. 声が聴こえる PC Game レコンキスタ Song
  6. AROUND THE WORLD PC Game エーデルワイス Ending
  7. Remember memories PC Game Really?Really! Opening
  8. ナシメグ PC Game ナシメグ Opening
  9. 夏のメロディ PC Game 夏める Opening
  10. ORIGINAL! PS2 Game Shuffle! On the Stage Opening
  11. 青天の虹
  12. No rock No life TV Anime すもももももも Ending
  13. 120円の春 PS2 Game 120円の春 Main Song
  14. シャンプーしてあげる Album Original Composition

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