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All That Shines

This song is by Yuppie Flu and appears on the album Days Before The Day (2003).

Takin' pictures in the dark
All I can say
We're far from the ground floor
Nothing seems so clear
Kind of things my dear
You never get rid of
Then all is black
Saw you wander in the dark
Wander in the dark
Hands tangled dance
Saw you sleepin' in the park
Wander in the dark
Oh we all
Gone a long way since it all
Blame it on the stars
But it's just bull
'Cause they all
Shine the same way
'Cause they all
Shine the same way
Somethingís wrong straight from the start
But words seemed so sharp
Drove our way through crossroads
Show that you care
Some strange affair
Gone from the back door

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