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Crank Dat Spiderpig

This song is by Yung Seph 317.

Spider Pig, Spider Pig
Does Whatever A Spider Pig Does
Can He Swing, From A Web
No He Can't, He's A Pig
Look OUUUUTTT! He Is A Spider Pig

Yung Seph:
Do the Spider Pig [x5]
Man do the Spider Pig
Man do the - do the - do the Spider Pig

Crank Dat (Spider Pig) [x6]
Crank Dat (Look Ouuutttt! He Is A Spider Pig)

Gone 'n' crank dat spider pig bread I got a lot of it
Dance you can rock with snap ya fingas get 2 leanin
Yellow diamond earrings same color as simpsons
A nigga gets (Doh!) 'cause I keep dem hoes pimpin'
And I'm on da sixes and I'm full of riches I
Got 'n' old skool and I call it Grandpa Simpson
And she twenty-one like Leon Sanders
A nigga on a look-out you could call me Ned Flanders
Hoes I get 'em (WOOF) Hoes I get em
Snitchin ass niggas yeah we call 'em Chief Wiggum ("Can I arrest any of you? ")
Chevy two-tone sittin' high like Marge hair (HMM)
Modem yellow top blue making any broad stare
Lean with it, snap rock with it, make the crowd stare
And I really don't care what complection that you is
Do the dance man, woman, child, or some kids
Yung Seph Ay Ay do the spider pig

See you with the pick-up on the cell, and then ya gotta walk it out
(Spider Pig) yeah that's what we yellin' out
Do it look up in tha air, I'm drunk off Duff Beer
Now man we gotta glare, yeah hoe I'm tha man
I crank dat, I lean back, with mean stacks, I sip yack
I whip back, ya girl chat, I chat back, what's happenin'?
Fo tacks, I'm fitty cap, her cap wear she gimme that
She a young, she a one, since day one, we dancin!
(Stop this pick off ride)
Yeah we got P.I.G., in tha house tonight

So do the spider pig (so do the spider pig) [x8] Do it [x3] Yeah
So do the spider pig, do the spider pig (walk it out now)
Do the spider pig (walk it out) do the spider pig (a walk - a walk) Yeah
A Yung Seph (a walk- a walk it out)
A Yung Seph (a walk it out)
A Yun- A Yun, Yung Seph (a walk it out)

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