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Same Ol' Song

This song is by Yung Redd & Lil Ron and appears on the album Tha Paper Route (2005).

Yung Redd, and it's the same ol' song nigga
No matter where I go, know I'm saying
It's the same ol' song, every hood on every block
Yeah, that's the sound of them niggaz in the hood it go
Yeah, that's the sound of them niggaz in the hood

Yung Redd:
It's the same ol' song, ery'where I go
Some niggaz is slanging dope, or hanging by the sto'
You can either be two thangs, rich or po'
I can't ever let this life go, that's all I know
So, clap your hands for a hustler
At any given time, somebody in the street could touch ya
Can't nobody seeing us, re'ing up
We just being us, er'y nigga in the hood got it rough enough
The clock is ticking, them glocks is spitting
On every block you see the cops, so we start sprinting
Made it 21 years, I'm just glad I'm living
And e'ry penny I make dog, I can't spend it
You can love me or hate me, money can't make me or break me
Plus I'm ready to go, when this rotate me
Gun off safety, in case niggaz wanna play me
Still I gotta keep it moving, if the ground shake me

All my niggaz, getting tired of struggling
I gotta get it, so I keep on hustling
The cops know, they can't tell us nothing
Before it's too late, I gotta make something

Yung Redd:
I'm only in it for the money, the root of all evil
Life is like a movie, without the sequel
Never ever let a nigga, in the streets mislead ya
Better learn to peep game, but I can't teach ya
It's two sides to a story, and I can't tell
Live in my city, it ain't that hard to go to jail
I done been a lot of places, traveled around
And what I found, niggaz all do the same in every town
You know, some of my niggaz got they life cut short
Play it smart, cause them gun shots'll tear you apart what
I look back, where I came up
If some'ing happened, and the neighbors always use to blame us
But most people, think I slipped through the cracks
I fell in love with music, I was born to rap
But the block is sold, I had enough rocks to roll
The hood should know, it's slow when the cops patrol

Yung Redd:
I came a long ways, from no name to mo' fame
Too broke for hope, couldn't sco' a gold chain
And now-a-days, ery'body on the paper route
And niggaz wanna leave the hood, but never make it out
We kept 'em coming back, for that white money pack
Give me some slack, naw you ain't getting nothing back
That's how we act, when a nigga move Cracker Jack
But times done changed, and all I do is push raps
Matter fact, I make bangers and get profit
I skip in the drop, same color as Hypnotic
Never had to go to college, for a lil' knowledge
Some of these niggaz, thought I didn't show a lot of promise
I'm living proof, of what the others can do
And if it worked for me, then it might work for you
And it's a million motherfuckers, who are just like me
That don't mean you can tell us, what we can't or might be nigga

Yeah that's the sound, of them niggaz in the hood it go
That's the sound, of them nigga in the hood [x2]

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