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This song is by Yung Niggas.

I'm like jason, I'm chasing, all sucker MC's, he's killing, I'm
Chilling, with rhymes like these, you say you're a menace to
Society, but you ain't nothing until you battled me, I'm
Terrorizing people of this neighborhood, getting lot's of
Respect and you wish you could, I'm not ll. I don't think
I'm bad, your girl is on my jock and it makes you mad, the
Terror I bring, it will not cease, I'm smashing MC's like a

Savage beast, when I get on the mic all people applaud, i
Don't need to act brave 'cause I'm already hard, I put fear in
Their hearts when I walk in the place, you can tell I'm hard
By the look on my face, I'm pulverizing, not compromising,
MC's and people I'm surprising, cause now there is a new
Terror that's rising, come up against me and you'll be the
Next one I'm victimizing.

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