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Bottle Poppin'

This song is by Yung Joc, features Gorilla Zoe and appears on the album Hustlenomic$ (2007).

Chorus: Gorilla Zoe
We bottle poppin', we-we bottle poppin',(aye) [x3]
Say-say you gettin' money, we-we ain't seen nuttin
We bottle poppin', we-we bottle poppin' [x3]
Say-say you gettin' money, we-we ain't seen nuttin

Yung Joc
I pull up to the club, jumpin' out of rovers
Lookin' like a car show, dat's da way we roll up
Dope bois showin love, all da ho's know of us
Need extra security, dey know dey can't control us,
I see some niggas hatin', I keep dat supersoaker
So I V.I.P. my way standin on da sofas
Now watch me demonstrate da way a playa post up
I don buried cha weight, u know we throw dem toast up
Say ya gettin' guap, well shawty we ain't heard 'bout it
Finna set-up shop, well we ain't even worried 'bout it
Word on da block, oh dey say you servin' pie
I think ya need ta stop, I got some killas dat'll get dat work up out 'em
I don't got luv fa you busta's, unless you my kinfolk
Yeah you smell dat fruity fruit err'time da wind blow
I throw away dat chump change, I'm all abot dat bigga dough
Joc a real hood nigga, just like Gorilla Zoe

Gorilla Zoe
When da money start droppin', all da ho's start jockin
When dem ho's start jockin, dem bottles start poppin'
When dem bottles start poppin', know dat we're not stoppin'
Imma keep bringin' bottles, den dem models start flockin
Imma throw a stack, she gon' throw it back
I pop da rubberband, she gon' pop ha back
She know dat I ball, she gon' grind da wall
She gon' bust it open, fo me and my dawgs
Got boi's in da club comin' fresh from the trap
Watch dem boi's cuff they gurls, 'cause dey know we got dem stacks
We in da middle of da flo' blowin' cush packs,
I got my workers in da bathroom, sellin pill packs
Now da party don't stop 'cause dey we got dat guap
She gon' make ha booty clap and Imma throw another knot
When da money still phat, dey know dat it's a wrap
Bottle poppin' ova here, tell dat DJ run it back

Yung Joc
When my nigga Steve died
U know we popped dem bottles
Niggas tried to run and hide
We went lookin' wit dem choppas
Now it's time to take a ride in dat all black Impala
If you niggas think I'm lyin' I put dat on my momma
And dats why err'time, his birthday come up
Imma hit da town, from sun down-ta-sun up
Buy a couple rounds, till dey all get drunk up
Fo my nigga, I'm a clown
Like the numba 1 stunna
Yeah we in da club, my niggas on a pill or two
Throw dat bitch a dub, tell dat ho' "I'm feeling you"
Pour ha some of dis bub, yeah dat's what I'm finna do
Den I ask a question, "shorty what'chu in to?"
Den she started blushing, told me bring a friend or two
A whole lotta rubba's we gon' cut her like a gin-su
Flexin bout some money, dat's da shit beginna's do
She know I'm gettin' money and she wanna be a winna too

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