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Poor Heart

This song is by Yuna and appears on the album Chapters (2016).

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My broken heart
I know you're tired all this all
I know I,
I made the same mistakes a lot

I know you love to make a sound
When you crash onto the ground
When I fall,
For someone
I know I always make you down

But I'll never give up on you
Never giving up
Giving you all for love
For love

My broken heart
I remember when you red
Now you're tough
Slowly turning into blood

I know you never make a sound
Require in my hello chest
When I yell at someone
You're louder than a breaking glass

Giving you all for love
You all for love
Are you thinking what I'm thinking
I thinking we're start beating again
For love
Are you feeling what I'm feeling
Do should we go going
Give another chance

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