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This song is by Yum Yum and appears on the album Dan Loves Patti (1996).

The flowers that bear our name
Never smelled as sweet as the ones you gave
When you came to me but now you've gone away

I'm uneasy to be near you now
It's uncomfortable to think of how
Once you wore a smile but now that's died away

And I know it's overdue
I see it building inside of you
And I know it's overblown
But it's the only love I know

Faces and places and liars
And my heartbeats rising higher and higher
Tears in your eyes and your eyes look so tired
And tension is building up higher and higher
And taking it all in my tongue was on fire
Blazing a path up higher and higher
And fearing your words and your thoughts
I conspire to tear apart and watch it all fall down

Not wanting to hold you down
Just wanting to hold you down

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