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Goodbye To You

This song is by Yui.

This song is a cover of "Goodbye To You" by Michelle Branch.
And of all the things I believed in,
I just wanna carry in
You; your eyes,
You spawn behind my light is but I do night
Come each day past me by,

I'll been shorting
Eden my soul,
Using a heary and I'm stroting to get
You life I'm surfing, I'm a over again,
Last be in
Past me by,
And I say right

Goodbye to
Goodbye to everything, what I do,
You would like to
Learn I cry
Hoping that I try to hold on to

Oh oh
Whoa oh

And the horns want everything
And nothing
Gets the same sign

I want what's yours and I'll what
Was mine
I want to, and never give in

Goodbye to you,
Goodbye to everything,
What I do,
You would like to learn I cry
Hoping that I
Try to hold on to

Hoping that I try to hold on

Hold on to

Oh oh whoa oh

And let
The stroke pass by the life thick
You're none shooting

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