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Can't Wait

This song is by Yu Seung Jun.

When I hear your voice over the line. All I wanna
Do is to keep you on my mind. I only had one die. How long?

Don't wanna play the pool. How did we end up like this baby.
Jus wanna play a cool. I knew always promise.

RAP: Won't you tell me baby boo what what you need way be,
I'll be the one that you need till I die baby. Let me Tell
You don't realize, so let me televize my love so you can
Fantasize. Conjuction-Function But look at the situation.
Don't waste a time let's have a conversation. It's kind of sad
But that's our only option. Let's keep it down low till I
Get there uh

Even ears are sore, Conversation spoken too much sounds are now
Hugging the phone, a bit worried by love, because still
Unwilling to let go

RAP: Yeah, that's how it is, as I keep on reminess, you know
I keep it real on yes we've got to deal with this, but I'm
Sick of this, pocker face acting stupid for the Show-biz
Gee-biz but wait I'll be there, When I'm done with this

Yesturday I slept too late thinking about you till 3 oclock

In the morning in a hurry, looking for something busy right,
Busy left, a pile of mess
Easily, not patient, in the end dislikes time runs that slowly
Want to use a neutral heart to love, a bit hard
Right now want to immediately be able to see you, then
Immediately lean on you
Can't even wait one second, nonetheless one day
You say you also hope to use hot love to group into a rocket to
'Express send'

Even though exaggerated, but still feel is sweetness

RAP: My heart is always with you even though we're a part baby.
I know you're sad and blue but that can't take as a part. Get
From the dark baby come and see the light. Yuki, in my dream I
With you in my Mitsubishi.

But times going are going and gone it's gone like the wind that
Can't stop, but stop not at the bus stop, you in my drop top.
Yeah put time in lock. That's right. You and me baby messing
Around in the parking lot, don't wake me up.

Think of me.
Take the time to explain my mind

Think of me.
You so fine I wanna make you mine

Just want to be together forever.
Can you be with me?

Live in luxury, and we be making precios history.
I keep your picture by my bed so I can know you're in my head.
Take my hand by your hand, and I will your eyes and my love
See you through.

In the end, there is a person who doesn't mind annoyance, finds
Reason over to build up
Every time will make me specially think of you and feel so
Far away's distance, then there is uneasiness, spinning/turning
In the heart
Tonight's moon is round round, feeling a bit blue
Right now want to immediately be able to see you, then
Immediately lean on you
Can't even wait one second, nonetheless one day
Wait to speak to love, is like a physical extreme punishment
Who also has mysterious evil power?
He will allow meeting to be more sweet and will not even care

RAP: If you keep this in your mind, we will make it through this
You will find, it's a sign, it's written in my rhyme. Even
Though we
Are apart, you are always in my heart. Honey stay with me
Forever and
Through any thing endeavor.

Can we make it through this phase, I will see you through this
If you out your faith in me, happy ending it will be. That's a
Yuki, have a little patience, and in time, you'll see

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