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White Violet

This song is by Ytterbium and appears on the album Toilets & Sinks (2007).

You're a coward kinda shameless
Crawlin upstairs just to reach the downstairs
Accelerate your breath give away your fears
I guess its just the way to be
You're a coward must have felt it
Hurry hurry come on idiot fuck it up
You rolled over pushing away your fate
I can smell your fear I can smell it

Don't wanna take your time
Don't wanna take your life
Don't want you all around
Don't wanna take your time

You're a looser kinda spotless
Surrealistic matters turned aggressive
Pick up pieces from your past
Guess I couldve been a lot more patient
You are wasted sorta idiot
Took away the dreams we all have planted
Go away now go away now
I guess you are the other one again


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