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I'm A Cat

This song is by Ysabella Brave.

I'll always be there, when you need a hug
Sure I'm furry, but my hair is made of love
I'm even cute when I puke on the rug
I'm a cat

They say I'm spoiled cause everything's for me
Ignore the people who say I don't earn my keep
Have you forgotten the time I killed that feather thing? I'm a cat

I'm worth every cent you earn
Just look at, your wallet, when we come home from the vet
I know you'll never learn
Take my advice, be real nice, and you can be my pet

I'm coy, don't think that you'd be missed
If I get jealous, you know I'm gonna hiss
But that's not gonna happen cause nobody else exists
I'm a cat
Oh, did you get that thing I left on your pillow?
You're welcome!

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