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...Spooks The Horse

This song is by Youthmovies.

You know the error was yours!
That radio-call, that wanton force
These burning fields and fallow grounds
This uniform will spook the horse
These bombs on building blocks
These broken bodies, our total lack of shock
Our troops show no remorse
This western world will spook the horse

What's your current position -
Now these airships are gliding back home?
Help us, help us! Learn from the medico...
Not with us now

You know why they write the news like this
The paraphrasing makes us rich
They break their wrists as doctores to parchments
It's hardly profound
There's a ghost hanging off our backgrounds
They never really broke up the empire

And it's misguided to do nothing
But we're fools for that
We spent too much time on our backs
We've spent all the money that we won't pay back
And you know in the future
We'll all have to face the facts...
In the right light
You can see the dust as it falls through the air...

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