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Jimmy Beaner

This song is by Youthinasia.

On the way, old Jim was forced to use a different way than them

Problems would stem

A silent voice, a fashion sense remedial from lack of choice
Just a boy

Jimmy Beaner had a plan he had a way

Today was it they'd hear what he wanted to say

Fine service a communion where they would drink from the same cup

What a mess who's fault is this who'll clean it up

On the day, a switch was flipped a lock was picked parents away at NRA meetings

A silent street, his destiny repeats again inside his head
What will be said?

It's you! the fear that he felt in the hallways
Outcast from you forever always

Those girls that never took the chances
Returned his looks will awkward glances

Parents that never had the time for
A son that seemed more or less of a chore

Apology from me Jimmy we'll sing
Jimmy Beaner we're sorry Jimmy.

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