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This song is by Youth Of Nausea.

Every time I see you there's a war inside your head
You've plotted up against yourself, you just might end up dead
You don't know where you are, you don't know where you're going
This world is eating you alive, it's simply plainly showing

Inner War - what you gonna do?
Inner War - you haven't got a clue
Inner War - you've lost all control
Inner War - Inner Fucking War

You're too fucking busy putting white shit up your nose
What the fuck you're doing, no one really knows
Doesn't really matter 'cause you're already dead
Last time I saw you, there's a war inside your head

When the world lost you, they lost another friend
All the hatred in your eyes, will it ever end
Fuel your fucking fire, feed your fucking anger
Go ahead, kill your baby with a fucking hanger

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