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Dear Heavenly Father

This song is by Yourbestfriend.

I feel like you're the opposite of me,
We look the same but it's the differences that you can't see...
I'm not saying you didn't raise me well,
I'm just saying you brought this on yourself...
I am aware that we all make mistakes,
But yours should not happen as often as they do, should they?
If you don't think that you are hurting yourself,
Why can't you see that you are hurting everyone else?

I know that you know that you have some problems,
What can I do to help you solve them?

You are going to hell and there's no one to save you on the way down…

I feel bad letting all this out this way,
I cannot help it and I could not find a better way...
You always think you're right no matter what,
This time you're wrong and there is nothing you can say about it...
Please understand what I am trying to say,
I do not want you to end up hating yourself someday...
Just think and be open,
I am only trying to help...

Your "dying" habits will lead you to your death...

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