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The Forthcoming Answer

This song is by Your Shapeless Beauty and appears on the album Terrorisme Spirituel : Insoumission Complète (2001).

Seeing through the veil of time
Riding on the lifeless tide
The future that I can see
Rememberance of my memory

Wandering among the dead
Vision through their eyes so red
As past stands before me
In abyss of time, I wander eternally

Bleeding my hate, the punishment that seals my fate
Bearing my cross, my life in dismay, I am lost
Yearning for salvation
The tribute to pay, my own damnation
I am sick of this life
If only I could simply have an end
And finally die…

Like a tear in the ocean
As light of a dying sun
I am condemned to wander
In cold pain full of anger

For a fault I've never done
All my hopes now are gone
Crying on a corpseless tomb
Will never forgive my doom

After so many years of life in hate and fear
My very eyes are opened on reality since it has begun
And I'm delivered from this spell
And I crush the gates of hell, of hell…
I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees…
Now I know! I'll soon go to the end of her reign
Now, now I know! I'll soon go to the end of her rain

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