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Newer Testament

This song is by Your Mother.

Religious propaganda weighs o me, it's pushing
PUSHING conformation's not for me. I still do the right things (opinion) but an eye for an eye?
Go to hell? I can't/won't/don't believe.
Maybe religion is something to put your faith in but it could be just another occupation.
And if there really is a god, I see no proof it's evolution vs.
Adam and
But if there's really no such thing how could one small hoax become such a legacy?
Maybe no religion makes a void but could be if you don't believe you'll be destroyed.
Some of my friends, they are
Christian and they put too much pressure on me.
Insubstantial persuasion equals a faux-pas to my scene, man, like far out.
Some of my friends they are
Satanic; it may sound fun but pain is lame.
The way I see it if you hurt no one, the way you end up should be
Then there are my friends, who are the
Atheists, mostly because they don't give it much thought, but I'm that way for a different reason.
Do you have
Answers? I thought not. I usually don't believe tings I can't see, but that doesn't mean that religion's not a good thing. I mean, if you're content with unsure fate, not hanks, I'll see my own answer and I'll wait.

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