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Friends Don't Let Friends Drink And Talk

This song is by Your Mother and appears on the album One Big Disappointment! (2011).

When you hang out with your "friends" who get you high (and nothing else)
You lose your self-respect/worth and end up with regret because you hurt me as much as you hurt you
Among those "friends" you found yourself a man
A prize who shows his love with the back of his hand
The best that you could find at a low point of your life but he just made it worse
I wish that I could be there to make it right
These people are ruining your life
I wish that I could save your life
I traveled long and far with stolen money and credit cards on a mission to save you from self-destruction
I need you
I was fueled by admiration
Q: My intentions? A: Sincere
There was time when you were my best friends
Now it's nothing near
I know why you ignore me; it's because of somebody else
I rued the day you moved away because I couldn't have you all myself
If you had a better choice of friends I could learn to live with that
But you don't so I can only pretend to ignore you myself
We stole each other's virginity on one momentous night but you left your self-worth with me when you left my side
But don't forget why I came
To try and restore your faith and save you from the sex and drugs that you do without me
My journey must progress now and I leave you one more time
But before I go
You must know
I love you even though you're not mine
One thing you can't forget is that everything you do should not be because of someone else
It should be because of you.

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