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Picture Of Paradise

This song is by Your Best Friend's Enemy.

How could you do this to me?
And I know that you can't see
Anything I'd do for you
Can't you feel how I feel?
Later on I'll cry to sleep
And I'll think of the good times with you and me
While you have convo's with all your friends
I'm sittin' alone

And then I close my eyes
A picture of paradise

You and me are put together than ripped apart
In a few hours I'm sick at heart
And lonely again.
Why can't you just make up your mind?
Am I ugly or am I fine?
I wish that you could just decide is it me
Or then?
Wasn't I so good to you
With all the things you put me through
I cannot hide what I'm thinkin' away
It's too real.

But then I close my eyes,
Where is my paradise?

Why won't you get out my head?
Alow me to think, you got me red.
It's so cold but I'm burning up
Jeslousey again has struck
Relationships: do they all suck?
Stop being confusing.
I feel like I'm lost in the cornfield in my head.
Then I hear your voice and you said, "It would never work out"
So I sit and pout.
Is there even a moral to this oral pain
Is it just me
Or am I going insane?
Just remember to stop violence in the streets
And be careful of what you eat
You'll be fine and it'll all work out
So that's the end.

And then I close my eyes
You and me are meant to be.
I see my paradise and it's
A picture of you
Standin' next to me.

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