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Pastime Paradise

This song is by Youngblood Brass Band.

But that's not why I do this
Just one of the newest breed of inspired MC's
What transpired when these
I saw the future of a nation
Where the student teacher bond is brought to you by playstation
My failed education was predicated on racial hatred
Now I transcend like faith while history books don't really say shit
Spitting space is sacred so I introspect to spray it
Now you witnessing my praying so don't question this,
Embrace it, let's face it, all we're ever graced with is the present
People livin' scraping resin try to talk to me about heaven?
Yapping about fire don't make up for skills lacking
Cats are still slacking, even after karma smacking
The question isn't if so and so got soul cause that's a wacked cosmos
A cultural black hole, the light shines
Whether you see with fate or carl sagan's eyes
It's past time we wake up from this complacent paradise

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