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Holla If U Real

This song is by Young Thug.

(Ay diz time I ain' goin' leave em' in one piece ya heard! Yo Aba where you at dawg?)

Yo first time of nuffin',
My name iz Aba-so why U b frontin'?,
Like you got sumptin,
No mo' grindin' an' bumpin' 'cause now we commin',
It'z stunnin'- 2 see someone like you runnin' while gunnin',
Police ain' stoppin' fo' U,
'Cause dey see us droppin' a foo',
2000- an' 3 flow- so stop droppin' ya crew,
'Cause we say EEE-OH,
Let me go,
Where I wanna go,
Or you goin' b cut throat,
(Excuse Me!)
Please believe- U wont b leavin' wit G'z,
Wont b belivin' wha'z seen,
At da crime of da sceen, (Wha!?!)
Sceen of da crime,
I sceen it every time,
Mothafuckaz wanna feel alive- but dey can't take da ride!

Common yo- take a ride wit me,
Come an' feel wha I feel,
Come take a ride wit G'z,

(Young Thug)
Ok now it'z time fo' me,
While I spit my rhymez low key,
30 G'z a week,
Nuff' Cheese 2 fill ya cheekz,
Den I mention ya name,
Nuff' tension in diz game,
Ta put fire on da flame,
'Cause I make fire in da rain,
All da same shame to be frontin,
4 U foo'- now ya done sumptin,
So keep runnin'- 'cause I'm alwayz 1 step behind ya,
Go a head an' hide- 'cause imma alwayz goin' find ya,
Rewind ya- 'cause ya coulda done betta tha first time son,
Now I undamind ya,
So HOLLA IF you REAL SON- 'cause there ain' no way dat you tryin' ta!

Here we commin' now,
Ya keep ya gun out now,
'Cause we ain' goin' shout,
(Young Thug)
We juz goin' put you out,
Wit out a doubt- mothafuckaz b pressin' me,
Why you testin me?,
(Young Thug)
We b blessin' G'z,
No impressin' G'z- da sickness dat y'all seen b4,
B4 ya step one foot through dat door,
Remeber wha we said (Young Thug) we hard 2 tha core,
Yo- yo,
'Cause we colder den da coldezt soul,
'Cause we ain' goin' b fuckin' wit you no mo',
(Young Thug)
Datz how we roll, rollin' ruff,
Y'all ain' ruff nuff',
An' when we 'cause,
Y'all gotz ta juz let it all go by,
(Aba and Thug)
U ain' real mothafucka so y do you even try?!

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