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This song is by Young Thug.

Ay I'm tha unknown-unknown,
Rip ya straight out cha home wit chrome,
Thrown out ya window,
While I make ya bitch moan an groan,
Wit da bottle of gin,
We put a spin on how we win,
Anit no mo wind,
So stop breathin like you need it,
I'm sick of west versez east,
Can't we just find some peace,
An fight wit da police,
'Cause da streetz is filled wit 2 much violence,
Seen it all b4 when I was like 9 or 10,
But no I ain't got no one 2 run behind again,
So now I've gone 2 rhymin,
So jump a fence, find a benz ta steal,
Feel wha it feel like ta have ta feel da fuckin' steel fo real!

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