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Dyin Slow

This song is by Young Thug.

Ay I'm dyin' slow 'cause kid ain' cryin no mo'
Hit 'em up slow like p-to da pablo
So shop mo if you want some take some
But be careful of wha you take son datz wha I make son
Gettin' scared now y'all gotta bounce
While I make da bar tip wit da 40 ounce
If diz one countz dn imma do my best
Till I rest got 2 in da chest
Foeva stayin cleva pullin leverz
An don't forget dat I got wha you get wit
So hit diz while I spit shit
4-0 4-0 gotz ta get wit
Hit me dat j-o-e
Fo eva dyin' slow but in da end I'm goin' breath.

I'm dyin'... dyin' slow
Mammaz cryin... 'cause I'm dyin' slow
Ain' no lyin' 'bout it 'cause it jus make it worse
I'm dyin'... carry me off in da herse.

If I wasent on diz planet id probally land shit
Landin on wha I ain' want 'cause I'm granted-
Shit ta plan shit like a conspericy
Ya heard me ya heard me tell me if you here me
So tear me like you told me so
J- to tha -o -like j- to tha -l o
So common bring it to me
I want some of dat funk dat sweet dey call me t-h-u-g
Dat y I cry all of us cry
Get some water in those eyes
'Cause we all goin' soon die
'Cause my time iz soon like da blue lagoon
Pop 'em like a blue balloon
So choose ya life wisely
Hide me 'cause I don't wanna die G.

Ay I'm back again
Time ta shut down all showz 'cause I come 2 win
Love 2 win
Ya gettin' it yet bout dat bout dat
Take ya bet an don't doubt dat
'Cause it lives like dat
Oh no hit me back when I'm in da body bag
But before I leave please gimme time 2 say my piece
Avoid da police
Choose da road dat you take an don't eva eva forget me.

(Chrous x4)

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