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Diz Iz Me

This song is by Young Thug.

(Young Thug)

Ayo, ayo watch out-here comez my lyrical assult, (oh no!)
So put cha biz 2 a halt,
Havin' a hard time thinkin' itz my fault?, (yeah)
I can undastand how u b lookin' up 2 me, (why?)
'Cause crazy emceez b blazin' on me,
Not worrin bout my contagious desiase, (wha?)
Yo yo yo yo so if y'all ready fo dat heavy hot shit,
Come where bout tha house where we rock shit,
Not tryin' ta stop it, but we all gotz ta get paid,
Get in my way an find out how you relate 2 tha police of da state, (yo)
Drop wha you doin' b4 I ruin ya lil gamez,
Tellin' ya playa diz dawg ain't dat tame,
So who da blame fo my 50 foot flamez,
One of uz gotz ta go son an I'm goin' stay!

Ayo, diz iz me a young emcee,
A young thug ridin' an straight up spittin' @ G'z,
Ain't no worriez but Worriez it self-motha motha fucka!,
Say wha cha goin' say 'cause I'll see ya in hell!


Ay, diz how da teck rhymez,
Dteck9 all fo crimez,
Crimez not committed by me an mine, (ya heard!)
If it an on my waste den ya probally goin' die,
Crazy bustaz alwayz cuss us an then they have tha nerve ta wonda y,
I straight killin' dem,
I ain't killin' 'em again,
But once dey gone 'bout it twice then they lookin' fo ten,
Ten ta da vest dat iz if ya rock one,
Stupied mothafuckaz neva got one,
Dey get shot son,
So hop on da murda train,
Keep ya name intact boy 'cause you soon goin' b feelin' my pain!

(Young Thug)

Ay I'm back again,
Diz time I'm back ta win,
Maybe ta take ya wind,
Right outta ya lungz so stop breathin,
Common I know dat you can do betta den dat,
Give ya one good hit den teck hit cha back,
Like dat ya fall 2 da ground boy,
Don't fuck wit uz, an don't make a fuckin' noise!

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