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​If Tomorrow Comes

This song is by Young Soldierz and appears on the album Young Soldierz (1994).

Yeah, it's to all the real mothafuckas that know what I'm talking about, you know what I'm saying
Our soldier shit
Nigga live your life, know what I'm saying
Cause everyday it promise to man, nigga

Would tomorrow come sometimes I wonder still
In this city where I'm from fools test their murder skills
If you get the chance to come up
Pot that dope let it rest or your neighbor be the one tatted on your homie's chest
I guess it's about to bet, throw me the pitch
There's to trust no one and trust no snitch
I'ma do what I gots to get keep my composure
If I'm never letting us, all I was be a soldier
In these trials of life you just can't let go
So I'm keeping hollow clips in my cromofour yeah
Cause that's how I pivot I just can't slip
I gots to stay strapped in and out of the set trip
No kidding I can't feel the sorrow of doing ??? promised to roll

If tomorrow comes
Yeah, living a live of some mothafuckin gangstas
But you got to remember one thing though
Tomorrow ain't promised to man, nigga, you know what I'm saying

Oh Lord my God can you save me
Will a nigga ever grow up to see his baby
Or see my little brother reach the age of 21
Whatever it be, let Thou will be done
I'm 20 years out, I'm fresh out of the state pen
Can not have a life now or will I go back again
My mother says she loves me so stay away off the streets, kid
But being a young gangsta, mothafucka you know what I did
I threw on my khaki suit
It's time to put in work
Burgundy all stars and burgundy sweat shirt
Living the life of a nigga with a mental case
Will I make it or will Watts be my resting place
But I don't give a fuck cause Watts is my stomping ground
And since I'm a dog then Watts is my dog pound
So my God, will you tell me can I kick it
Or will Little Stretch have to cash in his live ticket
I really do think from the start I fucked my eyes off
My Ma couldn't take it if her son was forever lost
Lost to the street life, lost to a gang live
Lost to the state pen or lost in the fucking night
And you gonna tell in my heart you see sorrow?
But who's gonna tell me if I ever see tomorrow

If tomorrow comes

I never cared about tomorrow I was a thrill seeker
But the 407 face to face with the grim reaper
One day I went to bail to my homie's hut
I ditched school for this hoes trying to get their butt
From a young slut that wanted to do my whole crew
Big Wy, tell this muthafuckas what you went through
This fool started tripping right before my eyes
He started fucking with hooks and started throwing knives
And by me B and the figures and the upper class
I balled my fist up tight and fired on his ass
I made my way to the door getting ready to leave
I heard a loud shot then I dropped to my knees
No feeling in my limbs like I was floating
The homies came near like just they thought I was chocking
To see blood on my back I guess is what concerned me
I'm fucked up bad 'cause I'm bleeding internally
I get panic stay cool stay calm
I told death while you take me let me see my Mum's
She held my hand, kissed my cheek with a sad smile
And said death ain't finna claim Mama's only child
I said don't worry and please don't feel no sorrow
This young soldier prays to God to live to see tomorrow

If tomorrow comes
Tomorrow is not promised

This is dedicated to our muthafuckin homeboy
To every muthafuckin nigga
To every bitch around
I wanna sit on your face if tomorrow comes
Come on baby

Written by:

Lil Stretch, Big Wy