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Get From Round Me

This song is by Young Smerrf.

Yeah, that young smerrf music

I don't need you in my face
Talkin' all that ish you do
I don't know you
I don't like you
I don't associate with you
Now if I hit you in you gums
They would say that I was wrong
So jus please get out my face and I won't cause you no harm
Yo breath stank but you in my grill anyway
See I try to keep my cool lil nigga you pushin me
I'm not interested in whateva it is you sayin' so
Please get from round me bo
Yes that's all I'm sayin' hoe

Please get from round me boy
Would you get from round me boy

All yo talkin' make me sick
You run yo mouth just like a chick
You got other people that you know
So why you right up under my nose
Allways the first one to say something stupid
Now missy said lose control you bout to see me lose it
Oh this??? thinkin' I play
If I lose my cool it'll be a long day
Heard what you said, I don't care what ya say
Just know that today is not yo day
I might be young but I ain't dumb
I know how to fight
Its ??? but its smerrf dawg by night
A, a, a

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