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Fuck Yo Myspace

This song is by Young Problemz.

Ay I sed fuck your motherfuckin myspace page fuck your muthafuckin myspace
Fuck your motherfuckin myspace page fuck your mutherfuckin myspace
'Cause I'm hood[throw dem hands]I'll do it[hell yeah]and I wish me a motherfucker would
{Watchout} [x2]

I don't give a shit about your layout fuck yo whole page, fuck all ya comments, fuck ya top 8
Fuck your request nigga access denied[why you ain't add me? ]why you still tryin'?
I could care less where you lame niggas from, I deny everybody I erased Tom.
Lame ass friends, wack ass pictures, camera phone shirt off in front of a mirror.
Nigga please old cheese in front of da camera ass nigga, old myspace gangsta bandana ass nigga.
Old can't afford a camera you a scanner ass nigga.Listen to my song you a jammer ass nigga

First I log in then I log out, pull my log up out my pants put my log up in your mouth.
Only reason I'm on myspace cause da bitches.but ya can't even do dat now day cause hoes be stealin pictures
And you be on phone with her knowin' darn well she say she look like Lauren London that bitch look like Lauryn Hill.
Ay why yo page say you gay? Man that's that stupid ass girl.
My nigga if you don't change your password.Man I did that bitch keep hackin in my shit.
I changed my shit one time now she back up in my shit.
But I ain't trippin' though 'cause I don't give a damn about my shit so all y'all who be braggin...

Ay hoes be actin' stuck up always on some fly shit, try to holla at 'em but they got they shit on private.
Niggas postin bullientins but nigga I don't read 'em fuck ya free ringtones nigga I don't need em.
He holdin' up a gun I guess he think that he hard somebody please tell me what the fuck is a e-card.
They click they whole page oh yeah that bitch bad I clicked add what the fuck bitch can't accept adds?
Man I tried it and I got that same message.Ay what kinda message is a away message?
That shit stupid log out if you through.Fukk yo myspace and your facebook too.

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