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Boi! Remix

This song is by Young Problemz.

Dollar signs on my mind
Got y dime moving big work
For 5 extra gs takin' 9s offa keys
Every time pure yeah busta rymes
I ain't lying, imma shine
Imma grind, every time
Pure rymes, escalade like a gyro
Wrap it like a eggroll
Fill it like a taco, feed it to the auto
Shawty stealin cars tho, shawtys wit that gunplay

And next thing hav enm sleepin' wit a stingray
Jump, ribit, ribit, ribit, feed you to the midgets,
They'll chop you up like chicken liver
Chop ur shit then feed it to u
Gucci man o icy nigga, dnt that sound familiar to u
Fitaru and blocker nigga ride around wit chopper licence

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