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Album Filler

This song is by Young MC and appears on the album Brainstorm (1991).

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Filler. Album filler, Just a little something to make the album a little chiller And, check it out I came here to make a point quite clear that I can rock a microphone and rock it without fear Because I use the mic like a rod and cast off People say ‘damn, he can rhyme his ass off’ But hey, I know that since the day I left Hollis, Queens and came out to LA But people didn’t listen they just started dissing, cuz They didn’t know that Young MC was on a mission Doing the best that I can do with my ability Rocking the microphone until you suffer from senility That’s old age, cuz I’m on a rage, and I’m Saying funky lyrics while I’m up on stage You never knew what I could do until I did it So people I suggest that you best get with it, that

Filler, album filler Don’t drink Coors, Budweiser, or Miller I just drink my soda and have a ball, Cuz I don’t seek pleasure in alcohol Ok, see, look at me, Y-O-U-N-G-M-C I’m tall proud and black and On the mic not whack And I’m saying funky lyrics on a 24 track Tape that I use for production Engineers follow my instructions The finished product comes out clear And it’s the jam that you hear right here I’m not no fad like J.J., Living in my heyday May the 1st is also known as May Day I make the money and I take the time That’s the reason that I wrote the rhyme, about

Filler, album filler My names not Phyillis and it’s definitely not Diller My name is Young MC maybe Young for short And when I pick up the mic I say I rhyme for sport Alright kick it, let’s get wicked If I got a stamp for a letter I lick it, Then I go to the post office put it in the mail Then I go back home and chill Don’t you know this is how it goes Young MC is like a one man show I’ve got an hour to do this to make it sell It’s just me a mic and an SP-12 Moving, that’s what the young man does When this hit’s the streets you’re going to feel the buzz Form the pools, the clubs, and the radio I got three verses down and one verse to go, about

Filler, album filler If a mic was a weapon than I guess I’d be a killer But you know, violence is not my way of course, I’d rather pick up a mic and say I rhyme with force So don’t even test it, I’ve never been bested, And never date a woman who is too flat chested No - that’s not the way I go out, 'cause when I’m with a girl I make her scream and shout So check it, girls get naked And fellas’ getting hyped when they hear me on a record And if you think I’m soft you must be out of your mind, Just because I’ve got a grammy don’t mean I can’t rhyme Hard, just like I used to do because rap is not a game like hursker-do It’s something serious although it’s fun, But it’s time to go because I’m just about done, with filler


Album filler

That’s it. Done. Cool.