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Hail of Bullets

This song is by Spice 1 and features The Outlawz.

(Spice 1)
Boss... [coughing]

(Spice 1)
Now if I died in a hail of bullets
Would my niggaz go to war for me?
Straight Kua-Kua-Killa
I keep thinkin' and wonderin' what the game got in store for me
(The game got in store for me)
A motherfuckin' G

Now if I died in a hail of bullets
Would my niggaz go to war for me?
Straight Kua-Kua-Killa
I keep thinkin' and wonderin' what the game got in store for me
A motherfuckin' G

(Spice 1)
Wake up in the mornin' cleanin' pistols
Put the brush in the barrel
I'm a killer to the bone
Murder laced in my metal
My eyes closed like Steve Foster
I got you in the square
Holla two slugs comin' at ya from every-where
Got more guts than them Chinese
On top of them liquor stores in the riots
Some niggaz out there wanna spray up and conspire to keep my quiet
Dumpin' on site and leavin' they chests smokin' (chests smokin')
If the shit lookin' to syke big faulty, they die with eyes opened
How many niggaz can I kill on a track
Niggaz say that, catchin' these slugs from the mack
(Slugs from the mack)
Niggaz die every day
In the street to the bay
Where intent to the homicide is as pure as the yay
If I die in a hail of bullets, would my niggaz go to war for me
(What you think)
I only fuck with killaz
Real niggaz, fastest fingaz
With oozies up on the realest
Double 'em up in digits
Real live grave diggaz

(Storm of The Outlawz)
Playin' plot homicide
Somebody come tie the knot
Bulls Eye! Now we seein' eye to eye
Yes I would ride if I had to die, die for mines
Outlaw, copy can't fuckin' stop me with that thuggin' bloodline
Ain't got no piece of mind
Nothin' but finger we runs
Enemies, I'm a don, we lost memories, fuck 'em all in time
Up against the wall she blind, nigga how you gonna seek ya fine
Hit ya moms on the night ride for the next time with a timeline

(Napoleon of The Outlawz)
Nigga I'm an Outlaw
To the day I'm ? and at the same time
And I'm side-smokin'
It's my chokin'
This nigga died with his eyes opened
We made him do it, We thug influenced
Pre-occupied with rhymin'
Eternal livin'
Bring pain to prison
Hope they feel it when we all up in em'
Turn his inside to his outside
Switch 'em up like Gemini's
Show 'em how the young ride
Introduce him to a homicide
Make his momma cry cause mom see
Tear up his shit when uncle ben's up in court
Let him have intercourse

(Spice 1)
I ain't the motherfucker in jails, the next nigga's destination
But niggaz was all so pullin' it straight for different situations
If I was brought to this world to take this nigga out the game
Then so be it, 'It's murder!' my oozies goin' sang
Motherfucker, my swagger, known for having felonies
But wind up then we all dump a nigga
We bringin' 'em hell on these streets
Drummery beats ya there
Niggaz be getting caught up in the same old shit
Gettin' set up by that same old bitch
Turnin' tricks with the ass and the perky lips
Ya know the hoe nipples was hua-hua-hollow tips
They wanted to kill me two times but the lord was with me
Since I can't seem to kill death, hope he won't let it get me
And if it do, and my enemies pull the trigga
I'm tellin' my true partnaz right now, avenge me niggaz
Let them hoes have it, spread they ass with the fullies
Leave they ass on the street, mouth open and bloody

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