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We Jook

This song is by Young Jeezy.

Chea, Ah, What, Let's get it
Jeezy- Jee in the place to be
We got a party in the V.I.P
I got a bunch of Thug niggas with me
Will start beating anything they see

Pull up to the club feelin' real low (that's right)
I ain't tripp'n y'all I'm just lookin' for a hoe (a hoe)
Neck kinda bright tonight, I'm goin' out like Mike tonight
I might fight tonight (tonight)
If a hater get wrong man (what)
If not then I stick to my game plan (let's get it)
I came for the bitches
And let these haters see all my riches
I'm so cool what the deal man (what the deal man)
I ain't trippin' just lookin' for the pill man (for the pill man)
And Girl it hot in here
U gotta show me what you got in here (oh)

Baby Girl heres ur chance
If you wanna get down with me do my dance
And we jook and you already know
Put ur drinks in the air pull ur fitted caps low
We jook
It's hot in here you gotta so me what you got in here
We jook
In my B-boy stance
Got a mean 2 step
Baby gangstas don't dance
We jook

Everybody in the club get tipsy (get tipsy)
And if you rep the set nigga bang wit mem (bang wit me)
I got 2 keep them killa wit me
And if you find the weed man come get me
Catch me standin on the couch
With a bottle in my hand and a blunt in my mouth (my mouth)
Move right to left
But be cool wit it don't hurt urself (hurt urself)
Now break it down get real rude (What)
Lean wit it dawg show a little attitude (Yeah)
Jeezy got another one (let's get it)
Break the swisherdown roll up another one

I'm real baby I ain't them other suckers (suckers)
On that grey goose drucker then a motherfucker (motherfucker)
And if you feel me do ur thang dawg (thang dawg)
Pop ur collar swang ur chain dawg (chain dawg)
Now throw ur sets in the air
And wave um all around like you just don't care (don't care)
And lil mama get live
If you wanna leave here in da 645 (45)
And Yeah baby that's the coupe (that's the coupe)
And Young Jeezy he the truth (he the truth)
And yeah I gotta Ice cold wrist
But I still Keep it chill and break it down like this (like this)

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