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Talk Trap

This song is by Young Jeezy.

You see me I eat sleep shit and talk trap
You see the 645 I paid cash I bought that
Had some felony charges, I fought that
If I ain't a D boy then what do you call that?

Yeah ima big tymer like bryan Williams
But you can catch me in the hood eatn churches chicken
I been hot, y'all just caught the buzz
And I was fresh about the same time many was
Grab a snickers this may take a while
Been chasin cash money since I was a juvenile
And I was worth a couple thou still in high school livin' @ my momma house
Call it masturbation the way I feel myself
So I started my own label and I signed myself
I ain't lookin' for no artists 'cause I'm fire myself
And I'm guaranteed a job I ain't gonna fire myself...

Listen Young Buck I know its evident
Round here we'll kill yo ass over 50 cent
You betta run nigga you bteta save yo ass
'Cause its guaranteed to be a shady aftermath
He in his v12 eatin M&Ms
Dark tinted windows but you know it's him
I seen him just the other day
Word on the street he just signed with jazzie fay
And showty spittin' flames y'all
Bet you a whole brick he bout to change the game y'all
And them otha niggas can't compete
'Cause that nigga from the streets

Yeah I'm 'bout it 'bout it but I ain't Master P
And it ain't no limit if you fuck with me
Nah nigga, I neva heard of you
But I still have my nigga C to murder ya
Make the same profit as I did wit D
With the keys on the triton and a _
Real smart a genius in the kitchen
So when jeezy talk niggas listen
It ain't all good
It ain't all bad
All that shit they drivin' I already had
And I know it make them lames mad
'Cause the chicks they lovin' I already had

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