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Soul Survivor (Clean)

This song is by Young Jeezy.

Akon and Young Jeezy (eh), Tryin' to take it easy, only way to go and so.

(Chorus) (Akon)
If you lookin' for me I'll be on da block wit my thang cocked, possibly sittin' a drop now, 'cause I'm a rider, I'm just a soul survivor,'cause everybody knows the game don't stop tryin' to make to the top before yo get now
If u a rider (yeah)
Just a soul survivor (lets kick it)

(Verse 1) (young jeezy)
At night sleep we livin' in hell, first they get us to work an they throw us in jail, road trip yep get dem traffic in dem White, please lord don't let me go to jail tonight, Who me? I'm a soul survivor ask in da streets da boy Jeezys a rider, hundred grand on my wrist, ya life sucks (haha),
F*** da club dawg id rather count a million bucks.

(Verse2) (young jeezy)
Anotha day anotha dolla, same block same f***, same parlor seams same, guess we got da same dreams or is it the same nightmares? We let da thugs do it for us we don't cry tears, real n****s don't budge when mailman got his time, birds at da judge, I'm knee-deep in da game, so when its time rea' up I'm knee-deep in dis s***, real tall look I'm tellin' ya man, if I get jammed up don't mention my name, forgive me lord I know I ain't livin' right, gotta feed da block n****s, starvin n****s starvin appitites, this is airday neva gets old, but I was a juvinile stuck to da G code, this ain't a rap song this is my life, if da hood is a battle field than I earn stripes.

(Verse3) (young jeezy)
Gotta watch ya every moves dem eyes be on ya, gotta drive real cool when dem pies be on ya, just 'cause we stack pick when ball outragous dem alahebet boys got us under survalence, like animals they lock us in cages, it's like Desert Storm when you put 'em on stages, I ain't cheap, played the hand outta his dough, tried to jack the grand pearl when it got on my slow, (let's get it) No nuts no glory, my block damn right it's a true story, set the city on fire, and I didn't even try, run da streets all day, I can sleep when I die

(Verse4) (Akon)

'Cause if you lookin' for me you can find me on da block disobeyin da law, real G girl came bred from the streets, pants saggin with my gun in my draws, Just keep on movin, justa keep on movin now, justa keep on movin now

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