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Go Getta (Remix)

This song is by Young Jeezy.

(Intro) (Young Jeezy) {R. Kelly}
{Young jeezy}
I can believe that
Who else nigga
{And your boy kells}
What it do

{That's right keep clapping y'all}
{Hey DJ quit playing with us turn it up}

(Chorus) (R. Kelly)
Hey, hey, hey
You know we trap all day (oh) play all night (oh) this is the life of a the life of a (hey) go getta, (hey) go getta, (hey) go getta yeah
In the club you see a bad bitch point her out
Yeah you damn right (hey) I'm a you damn right (hey) I'm a go getta (hey) go getta (hey) go getta yeah

(Verse 1) (Young Jeezy)
First I post a right,(right) then I post a left,(left)
Music so loud I almost went deaf
Nigga sweet when I hold my breath smoke a ____ until there ain't nothing left
Got 50 in the clip, got twenty grand in my pocket
Money so big I don't even need a wallet
Send me 2 impalas same color as the pills
Red, white, and blue same color as the bills
Here we go again it's the mother fucking remix
Whole got smoked up and I can't see shit
____ On my waist got the stack in the back
Got the whole escalade smelling like a pack
Go getta bitch

(Verse 2) (Bun B)
I'm in the triple black convertible GT Bentley

Trill underground king got the queen right with me
And the things right with me
And that thing right on me
I'm a one-stop shop
And a one man army
With the F-3000
And the F-350
Seven ____ happy for being so shifty
We work up on that triple ___ and wait on the four ___
I hit the highway with _____ with my way and ___
And anybody that's ___way fixing to holla efe efe
The streets are mi corazon simon ese
And that _______ James and pimp c _______
So you can take that to the grave or the bank
We in the

(Verse 3) (Jadakiss)

You niggas is to frail
We the snake on them
New snail
My heart
As cold as blue gel
Everywhere I go they begging me
The decision could destroy your legacy
Let me see I can break them down and take long on the slow sail
I'm a chill for a minute and sit on it on the whole sale
Business is just fine
None of your folks tell them shouldn't have it any other way
When you're coke selling
I don't know what it is guess we was raised different
Blowing haze standing on the couch and ____ dripping
Air force is hard then I'm a low ____ B block
Your boy kiss is a go getta

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