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Coperate Thuggin'

This song is by Young Jeezy.

(Young Jeezy)

I said I'm corporate thuggin' CTE
Until the day I day that's the way it's gonna be
Thug motivation I'm bumpin number three
Blowin' on some killer shit that I got from zone three
Blowin' on the smile yeah we call it Tennessee
I'm good in every hood everybody know me
So don't wake me up I swear to God I'm dreamin'
Paper on the way ain't a nigga still beamin
Lookin' fly in the cockpit a nigga still leanin
Money out here so a nigga still scheming
And I ain't make music for the mothafuckin critics
They don't understand 'cause they ain't mothafuckin live it
And I ain't trippin' on the Source I got a mothafuckin plug
Give me five mics I'm still a mothafuckin thug
Now the question is can a nigga really rap?
And the answer is you ever been to the trap?
Bitch I make hits
You niggas waste time
And I'll be God damned if I let you waste mine
Life changed for the better but I'm still strapped

Trigga happy nigga don't make me relapse
Attitude like fuck it they hating anyway
And I could give a fuck what a nigga got to say
You still talking blow? You God damn right
What else I'm gonna say that's my mothafuckin life
I just left Jamaica I'm talking Nochas Rias
Sipping margaritas on the beach in my adidas
Brought a few pills but that's only for the skeezas
Use my black card but that's only for the reefer
What's Up

(Chorus ' Young Jeezy)
Not a day goes by that I ain't high
Hit the mall everyday nigga I stay fly (so fly)
26 inches yeah I'm sittin' up high (so high)
And I'm a keep it hood hommie that's no lie

Not a day goes by that I ain't high
Hit the mall everyday nigga I stay fly (so fly)
Get it how we live yeah we tryin' to get by (so high)
We throw it all in the air baby that's no lie

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