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What The Hell Are Those

This song is by Young Dro.

DJ Drama:Uh what can you Do

Dro: A... Grand Hustle man Young Dro man A y'all know me man hold up

Chorus: Shine 4 mouth full of gold ridin' round town lookin' down on dem Hoe$ I'm tall as a pole so put up yo 24s I pull up in a chevy sittin' on what the hell are those

Dro: put up yo 24s you don't want we can keep 'em 6s on the reagle man I thank the shit illegal and plus we ridin' round on some bad as reba we cookin up blocks we got the glass at etha airplane motor in the jag I leav ya nigga say finer than dro then be I wana see I ain't even got meet ya betcha don't shine harder than them boys on betha benz two seter plus I ridin' wit a creature I gota be blessed so I'm buyin blocks 4rom a preacher shine wit melik a we 4th ward people and plus we cop mo pictures than mona lisa a I love ridin' tall I love hitin the mall I love when my trunk knock yo pictures off the wall a 6 crawl my wrist on froze I pull up in the chevy sitin on wat the hell are those

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