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We Gettin Rich

This song is by Young Dro.

(Feat. sunshine)

Like that nigga
Uh huh uh huh uh huh
Uh huh uh huh uh huh

We gettin' rich nigga
We gettin' rich nigga
They like this nigga
(Uh huh uh huh we gettin' rich uh huh uh huh)
We gettin' rich nigga
We gettin' rich nigga
They like this nigga

Snapper calico splapper
Over seas napster
Chevy pine-apple Africa
Oh mighty god I'm a trappa
Ridin' in this waffle house charger
Wit cartier napster
Zone3 bastard
I can get them ghost like casper
Fat bank-roll like jasper
25 keys' in nebraska
God please make it all freeze I believe in disaster
Jesus is after
Self-preservation is first
Tell kids education is first
Sellin dope is only makin' is worst
Niggas play wit da work, get shot then lay in a hurst
Prayin' at birth
God do ya hear me in da hemi
Fully auto semi and a fifth a bottle remy
Ridin' down deihl on skinnies
Sittin' on 26 inches in my fruit punch linen
Duponts spinnin
Imma keep trappin and trappin until I make it in this got damn rappin'
Imma tell 'em all how it happened
From summerhill to kimney court
With no got damn cappin

Twenty-five grand on the wrist
If I was a nigga y'all bitches would be on my dick
Chocolate covered pumps from berlin
Yeah sunshine take trips
You like how them seven jeans grip my hips
I'm lookin' all sassy when I like my lips
When I see these tricks
My pockets stay fat with a grip
Cameras stay flashin
I look then I pose with a tilt
Y'all can't do it like me I'm fly
Gotta drop the top like whenever I ride
I get by with my homie on the side
X-t-a-c-i- no lie
Young dro
Big bro yeah we get dough
100 yard dash fake niggas got to go
Only real bitches feel me at the show
Fiendin for that x and imma give'em a lil more
(Uh huuuh)
We gettin' rich nigga
If ya wanna holla then you gotta be the shit nigga
Fuck it tho they callin overseas
I told y'all punk hoes better get like me nigga

You know how tried me it's the principle
I am so difficult
My life is irresistible
They judge me in municiple
State court lawyers make drug cases fixable
Million dollas every year, grand hustle
Benz coupe sixable
Now models are kissable
Diamonds are wristable
The finger on my wrist is blue
I'm the only nigga that a bunch of people listen too
They tell me that I'm lyrical
I promise 'em a miracle
Even though my conditions are critical
Double length scereble
But god man I'm hearable
Lord I am fearable
I'm hard but I'm terrible
Ss impala ride out veerable
Wood grain steering wheel
The porshe truck is tear blue
Pop krystal like you niggas pop a beer or 2to
Shots to ya crib queer and ain't nobody hearin you
Young dro perry homes nigga we ain't fearin you

Yo, see you know we gettin' rich anyway nigga so you better sit back and watch this shit
Young dro ya
You see me on the block you see me walkin' the blocks aye
(We gettin' rich nigga!)

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