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This song is by Young Dro and appears on the album Best Thang Smokin' (2006).

{Chrous x2}
Anythang you want I can get my hands on it
If you keep comin' put some extra grams on it
You know I keep glad to prove ya ass homey
If it ain't presidential we don't g0t damn want it

{Verse one}
My Chevy look cinnamon my bitch is a Indian
Plus I'm bilingual I be talkin' like domnican (Como Estas)
Think I look innocent, bentley on 26"
Ridin' round sellin dope to e'rybody in this bitch

E'rybody get a brick I break 'em down randomly
Whoever try and tell on me
I shoot they whole family

Fish scale jammer g I'm clean with my mammal feet
Dope boy, I be sellin dream like a jamboree
Paint the rica tangerine beatin' like a tamborine
Mac 90 magazine longer than the back
Lean back plead to the whole block for the crack g

Y'all 'member me I had the chevy with black d
Neck from black d, white d, purple d, cardier frame
Wood steve erkel d, nigga keep chirpin me they courteous
They work for me straight drop glad got these haters wanna murder me

Trans am homie with that blam blam homie
Dead fresh I look like I got that yam don't it
Drop top spider with that candy yam on it
Its hard to stick on my block
I spray pam on it

If it ain't presidential we don't goddamn want it
Bentley truck bitch me and god damn boney
I sell a brick to whoever god damn want it
And guess who the feds is, my god damn homie (you a lie)

Tha spy cam finally takin' picture while I order out
I get the bricks and sort 'em out and pump em' like the carter house
Case is out I fought em' out and plus I gotta quarter house
Breakdowns at the dead end
That's the slaughterhouse

I'm hangin' out in Germany
The mafia concernin me
My nickname schoolboy but ain't nobody learning me
Burnin heat poke one in the pot this is 63
Is'all in the wrist scale fish nigga mention me

You can't see dro I am Lou Ferrigno (grr)
Green benzito rim big like my ego
Bricks come from chico and my old school amigo
They call me action jackson like my first name tito (what the fuck?)
The first chain three co berry car I'm very far
High up off the groud
Man I do this shit to every car
Betty crock betty rock,
Got this shit from very far
All that walkin' all up on me gon' getcha Chevy popped
Fenetie mob fresh and successful in da kompressor
I hop up on pacatis and relium like the messer
Helium got ya chest up
Really you bout to mess up
Gold point bullets you really don't have to fess up, neck up
I am flamboyant
You so annoying
Drop top jag at ya pad cho yoing yoing
When I pull up on yo bitch in the benz
She glowing, so much ice in my mouth
When I talk it be snowing

(Lil t)

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