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This song is by Young Cas.

Ok, ok, verse 1, first song
Lets go, oh right, sing along

Sing along? suck ma dong
This ain't even singing, its rapping
Could argue it ain't even that an'
That its crap an' that its just not hap'nin
But that wouldn't be appealing
That would hurt my feelings
Then again, why would I give a f***?!
Ok, first song, wrong foot
Start again, hello then!
First song seems like a good idea for an informal introduction
But only 'bout why am here, not about me, that would take an album.
(Maybe even two)

(Ok lets be honest)
I'm here 'cause of the pound signs,
Which seem to be there all the time
The pounds get you ladies, mm fine
I don't even have to rhyme - on - time
Because when I don't rhyme - on - time
This s*** still sounds - like - grime!
But oh s***, I didn't want this to - be - grime
Although the grime - sounds - fine
(Better than that bassline!)
I wanted to go down the same path as sway
All the way from the you to - the - k!
Oh f***, I'm stealing his lines,
That'll only make me lose pound signs,
And topping that off, this whole verse is just one big rhyme!

Okay let me turn this thing right right round,
I've been down, lower than britney, way to the ground
But I get through hard times, just by sayin'
Quite simply that I am still playin' -
This game of life and that people have been through worse
I just gotta make sure I ain't cold in the back of a hearse!
But am not all about the money, that's would just make a change
Yanno, flip reverse my finances, a quick re-arrange
I'm doing this shit because I enjoy this shit
If you don't enjoy this shit, please don't crit this shit! (oh please)
I just want a piece of this music game
No more pain, I'm here to gain
Ah f***, it's over already I havent even got a DJ!
Wait, maybe I could download dance eejay
Legally ofcourse I ain't one of those criminals
Well I could well be but the piggys don't have my details!
They could have my face under the name gazza t,
Sorry mate, but I ain't gettin' arrested B

Ah last verse now and not much done
But if you don't like my shit you better run rabbit run
I'm only doing this for people like me
Not you, unless of course you are like me
Then it's all chilling, we cool, do you see?
My only disadvantage is that I am white
You're generally a shit rapper if your skin color is light
I mean for gods sake, look at vanilla ice
A million people just let out a sigh
They happen to like vanilla ice
But all those people were definitely white
Disagree if you want, but you know I'm right
Say anything you want, just don't say I'm like vanilla ice
Damn, am repeatin am repeatin am speakin' the same words
Gotta make one last point, this is the last verse
Well one last thing before I go,
This will only take a second or so
I'm just saying that I'm not here for beef
I'm here to take things out my mind, to you I will speak
That's if you ant already pressed the stop button
But in time you'll see I make sense, maybe all of a sudden
Id like to say there's some great rappers out there, with inspiring songs
From the corners of my mind, they will never be gone,
Big up to jay-z, kanye, nas, 50 and pac
Some say they're obvious, but they're obvious for a reason man
Not forgettin the boys on the UK scene
The ones that made me feel this dream

One last thing before ya go tho, id be honoured to be up there with them names
That's why I got in this music game,
Success is slim but at least am tryin'
Look back on my life an be happy, when I'm dyin'.

(Ah s***, no f***in' chorus!)

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