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Something About You

This song is by Young Buck.

YOung Bucks in here

Forever forever forever forever (2x)

There's something about your style and the way that you move
How you do when you do what you doin' to me, you game in the bed tight
I just wanna feel you body your body and my body is so right
Make me spend more than the night 'cause you got me open
Plus that hypno and dro tasting so nice
Young Buck my name and normally I don't get down but this time the feelings the same,
So say my name, when we bump and grind when you moving shaking the room until the early light
I got that get right we can get right tonight
I do my thing out in the streets but that's a part of my life
I do my thing over the people say they love when I write, so you crushing is a must tonight

Said I park the two seater put the money in the meter
Told my man I be right back fam I gotta meet her
Shorty was looking sweeter than a candy bar
U must be one in the sky baby you was a star
Got that coach outfit, let me play for you 'cause this is something I been wanting to do me and u

Something about your frame that got me thinking oh my god when somebody mention you name
Don't make me call timeout for my plans
'Cause you understand when its time to go and chill with my man's
Never bump heads never fight,
That wouldn't happen 'cause if that happened than things might be to good to be right
So just know that I know u a rider and down for whatever loving when I'm inside ya
But you got a fam, and I got a fam I got a girl you got a man think about it like damn
When we first met, I know I was gonna have a good year
You give me da vibes now my future looking so clear
YOu make me high when there ain't even no dro here
Keep you laughing but now baby there ain't no jokes here
And you can holla back back at ur dude, we do street shit, but we do that soul shit too

There's something about your style
And the way that you move how you do when you do what you doin' to me
I just wanna feel your body your body and my body is so right
'Cause you got me open and that hypno and dro tasting so nice
And normally I don't get down but this time the feelings the same

Shorty you got that good power you
And speaking of that thing I wanted to do with me and you we can get it
In the aisle and in the restaurant we can hit it
In the mall and the club too girl I'm with it
I'm feeling good, got my hat low you love the fitted,
I ride good, you ride good, the whip kitted
Windows tinted, vison is limited
But everyone know that its just you and me in it

Something about your mind and the way that you speaking
To me got me thinking that you feeling me
And if it's all good, we can move out the ghetto together even though we gon be still hood
Even though mommys be like bucky's tripping
They know at the end of the day with you is where I'm chillin' girl
There something about the way you wearing them jeans and jays
Screaming them thugged out hooks OK we OK
And if I got it you got it whatever you want baby girl its on me,
Whose that reall nigga that'll look out got 21 answers to your questions no doubt
Got plenty of reasons why your boy is still down
You independent do your thing when I ain't around
Shorty, good with a pack like give me a pound
And how to play stupid when the boys come round
Know how to hold me down when your boy outta town
I'm thinking you the one I'm keeping around

Young Bucks in here

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