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I'm Ready For War

This song is by Young Buck.

(2 gun cocks)

(Interlude: Floyd Mayweather)
Put the Young Buck on youkno'msayin'? [2 gun cocks]
And the you-youkno'msayin'? A .550 shots-off!

(Intro: {DJ Whoo Kid})
Oh, my dog-niggas {YOUNG BUCK! } don't stand-up right now!
Buck! Buck! Buck! Buck! Buck! - POOW!
I need a hear (POW!) a lot of gunshots, nigga! [gunshot]
WHOO KID LET THEM MUTHAFUCKIN' SHOTS GO OFF, nigga! [gun cocks] [3 shot]
Jump! [shot] Jump! [shot] (Jump around and kill one of these nigga, motherfuckers, nigga!)
Pop! pop! - pop! pop! - pop! pop!
"Straight Outta" mutafuckin' (POW!) "Ca$hville", nigga! (POW!)
I turned a penny to a 20...
But who'd them turn to a penny, bitch? {Whooooooooooooooooo Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid! }

Y'all don't want beast! (nah!) Y'all don't know me! (c'mon!)
Y'all just keep on talk - Nigga, are we dog seat? (bitches!)
Stops it my enemies - watchin' it where'd it be,
Findin' me in my Impala's - fine I wanna see! (I see you!)
Slap you a kidnapper - nigga come passin' in me!
Lady's bullets so Tech a tell, till you heard a nigga's scream! (BUCK!) [shot]
This is not a dream! {DAMN! } - This is a real beam!
Hallowtips, banana-clips, this is what I bring! (You'sa!)
Spider-Man in a got it - robbin' me in a shotty, [shot]
The devil man me: "Do it! " - And front I heard 'bout it! {GET BACK! }
All of a purple haze - go rapper, come with 'Ks!
Get riiidin' with G-Unit: "GET THE FUCK ABOUT THE WAY! "
So luv me, {Whooooo! } when you see me; - but duck, when I'm buck! (BUCK!)
We shoot-out in part, baby don't give a fuck! [shot] (c'mon!)
Yeah, nigga what? - Come on, get it crunk!
It's no time to waitin', THE MURDER BOY IS GROWIN' UP!

I'm - Ready to raw!
I'm - Ready for war!
I'm - Ready for whatever, whenever LET'S GO
COCK! - And before I shot, {G-UNIT RADIO... }
Ready to die!
I'm! - Ready for whatever, {PART 6! } whenever LET'S RIIDE!

I'm - Ready to raw!
I'm - Ready for war!
I'm {"MOTION PICTURE SHIT"! } - Ready for whatever, whenever LET'S GO
COCK! - And before I shot,
Ready to die!
I'm - Ready for whatever, whenever LET'S RIIDE! {NONE STOP! }

I'm just a phone call on way, niggas!
You got beef...
You can rich me on: "1-800-... G-UNIT"!

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