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Straight Up

This song is by Young Bari.

Why she don't believe me bruh
She won't believe that I dropped every female for her
When I'm down I call her on ma worst days
8 a.m. wishin her a happy birthday
She so baby she real it's so crazy how I really feel
I understand pain and I understand trust I understand you but do you understand us
Baby I no you but think you no me you need to stop playin' these games an let yo soul free
And when I hold you and when you hold me I feel the real love I feel the hole thing
You been threw alot I already no this I wanna make it better why you wana blow this
I put my words on the b I don't need a book heres ma word to ya heart
I don't need hook
Sraight up

You're my angel and god sent me to you
And like them other dudes I'll never do you wrong
Babygirl I promise I'm so real baby I'm so honest
An when you tell me that you scrared of relationships but can you tell me are you scared of us makin' it
All these females name what I'm gone do
But don't act like the dudes ant on you
But I don't care it ant got nothin' ta do with me
You an me were meant ta be I'm the door an you the key
Take ma hand role with me we can do this faithfuly
You ant gota wory bout nothin' baby you safe with me
I wait paciently I ant goin' no where
Any where you wana take baby I'll go there
I put ma words on the b I don't needa book these ma words ta ya heart
I don't needa hook
Straight up

(Young Bari: talking)
Yeah man, I'm tired ant nothin' else I can really say you no
I told you on the phone, I told you in person an I'm puttn it on a song feel me
I ant goin' no where this is how I really feel you no who I'm talkn too
Straight up

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