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Heaven Or Hell

This song is by Young and Lost.

Tonight is like all other nights.
I'm by myself like usual.
And think I'm suffering of loneliness.
I wish that I had someone to talk to
And would agree with my point of views
And someone who would listen to my secrets
And would help me when I need it

Tonight I'm singing to the angels:
" Take me in your blue sky.
Make me touch the sun and the stars.
And give me wings to fly away
From my fucking life"

Tonight I'm dancing with the devil
And burning in the middle of the flames.
Mad god lend me your knife
'Cause I want to get rid of my life
... But that's not right!

Do we really know what the word friend means
Did we ever asked ourselves about it?
But if someday you do, you will realize that
You don't have as many friends as you think.
'Cause a real friend would never turn his back on you.

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