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Guns Are For Cowards

This song is by Young and Lost.

Civilize we are but all I see and hear are crimes
And lies to hide the truth from people and their cries
Says " Why, it had to be someone I cared about. "

A nine year old girl killed by her father
Nice proof of love, and imagine if everyone would love like this
3 children raped by their neigboor
There's too many sick minds, justice must be done.

Killing someone doesn't prove that you are strong
It just means that you are weak

Gun's are for cowards, give yourselves flowers

In their eye tears are falling down to hell with their lives
With no pride left they are only trying to survive
Too much blood of innocent people as been opread

Bikers are mad so they play war
Shooting everyone who dares to stand in their way
Corrupted policeman who abuses his power
Too many sick minds Justice must be done

Together we'll unite and we'll stop the fight
And peace will reign here.

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