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Tell Me About Your Childhood

This song is by You And I and appears on the album The Curtain Falls (1999).

I'd like to smash the hands that held you down and gave you pain and erase the images that have no place in your head
Fly that kite so high
Let go of the string
Cast the blame where it belongs
They let you fight this battle with arms tied
They left you to find the answers with blind eyes
I'll watch you sleep tonight
As you tremble and dreams are cascading
It's not statistics they group us in
Don't redeem your faith so quickly in what they told you was right
I'd die to protect you
Take back your night
Now she reaches for something as the pain of violation sets in
What they gave you was nothing and what you kept was silence
Please don't be silent anymore
You'll be stronger someday
You'll be taller someday

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