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143 (Jcm)

This song is by You And I and appears on the album The Curtain Falls (1999).

I can't say it
Today I wished
I wished the calmest though
I laid down before you
I was so dead in your arms
What would you do if I said 143? it's always like this
I'm only here to remind you
I don't think I can do this alone
Common sense for a second
Frustrated from these screams
Still holding on with these pictures
Now still holding on with the sun, the wind, the rain
I want you to bathe in me
To touch my lips again
It's all wrong
But yet we still want to breathe
It's all the one
To try himself for a second
Dream for everybody
It's ours, but you're still not here
But I will wait
I woke up this morning, and you're still not here
And I know you're never calling back
It's in your eyes
All I've ever known is in your eyes

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