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Wind Through The Willows

This song is by Yonder Mountain String Band and appears on the album Old Hands (2003).

Thought I heard you call my name
On a gentle summer breeze it came
To me, late one evening
I turned around and you weren't there
I saw your face and touched your hair
Seeing is believing.

When the wind blows through the willows
Real soft like right before a summer storm
When the wind blows through the willows
I hear your voice, then it's gone.

I put aside the tryin'
And I pictured you were lyin'
Next to me, it was late one evening.
Well, I know I'm not one to reminisce
But can I have another kiss goodnight
Are you leaving

I hear your voice from near and far
I'm falling off a falling star
It's late in the evening.
Will I fly or will I land
But weren't we walking hand in hand tonight
It's deceiving.

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