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Big Lights

This song is by Yonder Mountain String Band and appears on the album Old Hands (2003).

Way up here they shine like diamonds
Them big lights below
Where lived a gal, I'll tell you now
Tonight I'm gonna go
You shoulda seen her smilin'
As she moved across the floor
I don't get out dancin' much no more

Way up here we drive old pickup trucks
Deluxe four wheel drive
Work day in work day out
Buy at night you come alive
You take your hard earned money
From diggin' in the hole
Bringing out the silver and gold

Did she just get tired of dancin'
With a boy from the hills
Dirty boots, ain't got no city shoes
No hundred dollar bills
Now I spend my evening
Dreamin' 'bout that big mother lode
Dancin' down this dark mountain road

Way up here we like the slow ones
A waltz sure would do
Everyone's watchin'
It's just me and you
Another time across the pine
Swing me once more
Swing me darlin' right on out the door

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