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This song is by Yomo & Maulkie and appears on the album Are U Xperienced? (1992).

(You're ready?)

Gimme some bass

(Radio reporter)
We have here the members of the group Yomo and Markie
And they'll be speaking on R&B selling out to rap
I'm Leslie Burell
And we'll be right back after these messages on K-DIS

(VERSE 1: Yomo)
Down here in the ghetto there's a new 33
Shakin and fakin, and just takin'
Corrupt, and twist around
A sound that the ghetto found
It's time to step down
R&B usin' r-a-p to make cabbage
On the average I gotta start static
Can't sit back, lounge and watch them get paid
Probably with a style I played
Sittin' atop the highest limb on the loom
Boom! - while I'm in a man-made tomb
But litte did they know that the axe was sharp, y'all
And Maulkie on the creep with a chainsaw
Set the trap to shake this thang loose
Now on bruise, tighten up the noose
Tryin' to survive as mainstream is bull
Playin' thick and strong, but can't pull
I ain't goin' for it, I ain't even
Get a nudge to budge till it's leavin'
Flyin south for a long-ass winter
Stayin south, 'cause I ain't the beginner
The old soft tale trick ain't real
This is a plot to kill
A mockingbird

(Radio reporter)
So Mr. Yomo, what do you have to say about R&B sellin out to rap?
Well, you know, we really don't appreciate R&B taking...
(Radio reporter)
Wait a minute, we'll be right back after these messages...

(VERSE 2: Maulkie)
I heard there's a bird that been shakin and schemin
And for a style been fiendin
It's a pree that's known as R&B
And the hunter is a brother named Maulkie
As I scope I peep what they doin'
Tryin' to speed my process, and ruin
An artform that they claim is a trend
Remember this when you hear my record spin
I ain't a token, flingin a verse or two
Yo, they just wanna exploit you
It's a shame that it's black against black
Now I know where my people's head is at
Stations, claim they're hip-hoppin
I tune in, the rhymes ain't droppin'
But it's cool when a singer plays a rap
Check it, Maulkie can't dig that
Sell out, hell no, I won't go R&B
I let the R&B come to me
My angle's laid, amplified to be heard
What it's to kill a mockingbird

(Radio reporter)
The public would like to know, Mr. Markie
Why are you two attacking R&B?
Well, we feel it's exploitation of a rare artform, and we are just like...
(Radio reporter)
Now tell us, what does 'mockingbird' really mean?
Well if you just let me answer the question...
Cut take 5

Now R&B done straight took thangs to the max
Singing over hip-hop tracks
Mockingbird, shockin birds, rockin' birds
Gimme the lane, I start clock and verge
Clippin your wings
Straight clippin your wildest dreams
Yeah, that's my theme
Now everybody wants a little nest-egg
How you get a nest-egg without a litte nest?
Most of my brothers are like illegal
Can't compare a mockingbird with an eagle
That's what I am when it comes to them and me
That goes the same for Maulkie
The bird is in the air, and he's hard to hit
Infrared on the brain, I gotta get with him
As he dumps on you and the industry
Nobody cares, it seems, but the Styler
On a mission, me, myself and yo
The suckers gotta go
Gold records and things don't get me off
I get off by schoolin suckers that's soft
Ruthless does the retailin
Like Marley and Tosh, we're just wailin
When we attack, the pigeon plays dumb
So run, little mockingbird, run

(Radio reporter)
One last question: what's in the future for the both of you?
Well, in the future for both of us, hopefully we'll be doin' some tourin...
(Radio reporter)
Anyway -
Now wait a damn minute, what the hell you mean: 'anyway'?!
We ain't answered a question from the get-go!
(Radio reporter)
But -
But this!
...Get em, Mark, get, get...
Yeah, we takin' over the station
Yella, kick it

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